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Modjeska Game 1 – find a contemporary style of Modjeska in her historical clothes.
Helena Modjeska always took care of historical accuracy of her stage costumes. Since her first steps on the stage she designed and sewn her own costumes. She was researching historical age by visiting libraries and taking advice from experts on the subject. However, it was hard to completely ignore the requirements of current fashion. Silhouette during 19th century was changing with every decade.
The interest in fashion was so widespread that part of public was going to the theatre especially to watch fanciful costumes. Modjeska knew about it and for that reason when designing her historical costumes she was not disregarding contemporary fashion style. Consequently one of her greatest heroine – the role she played all throughout her life – Mary Stuart – once wore crinoline, at another time dressed in princess style dress while preserving a renaissance touch – from the time the Scottish queen lived.
Match silhouettes of 19th century with historical costumes. Remember, that silhouette can be recognized/distinguished also by the shape of waist.
Click on the thumbnail. The image will be enlarged. Names of the 19th century dresses will appear below.
Click on the name which seems appropriate for given costume. If your choice is right, you will be redirected to the page with costume’s description. You will learn which elements of the dress refer to the given era and which are borrowed from contemporary fashion of the given decade of the 19th century.
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