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Queen of a modern publicity
Costumes and dresses
Teaching of the Art of Women's Tailoring
RECONSTRUCTIONS: Description of Dresses and Patterns
Crinoline for the role of Barbara Radziwiłł (1865)
Crinoline with velvet ribbons (1865)
Crinoline in stripes (1868)
Crinoline with meanders (1869)
Riding Habit (1870)
Bustle ball gown - one (1871)
Bustle ball gown - two (1871)
Mary Stuart (1872)
Princess style with flowers (1878)
Julia (1878)
Cleopatra (1880)
Princess style with fur (1880)
Princess style black and white (1882)
Bustle gown with tassels (1884)
White bustle (1885)
Bustle with saber (1886)
Beaded ball dress (1891)
Art nouveau with buttons (1898)
Swimsuit (1900)
Classic art nouveau (1903)
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A dress made ​​of dark velvet. Princess style cut - front bodice part cut together with skirt from one piece. Each of the two parts of the front is fitted at the waist with two tucks. Covered, asymmetric hook and eye fastening runs at an angle from the center front to the lower side. Neckline is V-shaped, with an upright collar behind. The entire neckline and a slant to the bottom of the dress are trimmed with fur. Sleeve sewn on the natural line of the arm, two-piece, with a concave inner seam. Seam of the slightly globed cuff just like a neckline is decorated with fur. Chemisette and globed cuffs are worn with this style of dress. On the first photo chemisette is fairly modest and a neckline decorated with roses. On the second one Helena Modjeska wears chemisette with a big jabot made of delicate patterned lace, additionally decorated at the neck with one of her favorite brooch in the shape of crown.
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