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The Wilanów Palace Museum invites pupils, students and graduates of art and cloth design schools, who are under the age of 30, and also all those with a passion for recreating historical dresses or designing clothes, to take part in a new program of the Wilanów for Young Talents series of which integral part is a contest.
The aim of the program is to bring attention to the figure of Helena Modjeska - legendary Polish-American theatre star and one of the most beautiful women of that age, fashion icon of her time, and also a discovery and promotion of young talents. Contest involves sewing a replica of a private or stage outfit of Helena Modjeska or creating a new design inspired by her dresses.
We collaborate on this project with the Helena Modjeska Society, who’s president is Mr. Kris Cieply – a collector of great actress memorabilia. Jointly we plan to present winners and their works also in American cities, connected to the great artist.
On the website of the contest, participants will be able to familiarize themselves with the story and artistic work of Helena Modjeska and first of all with her wardrobe. Detailed descriptions, archive photographs, drawings and patterns of dresses posted on the website will help participants to recreate, as faithfully as possible, stage or private costumes of the actress, and also to broaden knowledge of women’s fashion of the second half of the 19th century. Additionally, workshops, lectures and consultations for the participants will be held during the entire duration of the program.
We would like to mention, that although many fashion contests are held in Poland, none of them provides participants with educational base nor involves recreation of historical dresses. The Wilanów Palace Museum is a laudable exception. Within the framework of its educational activities, it strives, by organizing such contests, at least to a certain degree to fill the gap, caused by the lack of dress reconstruction schools in our country.
We invite you to visit, where one can familiarize oneself with a full documentation of Wilanów for Young Talents, program carried out in the Wilanów Palace Museum in 2010/2011.
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